The fall market is just around the corner and I have been getting asked this question a lot lately “What should I improve around my house prior to selling? Where will I get the biggest bang for my buck?”.  No one wants to invest thousands of dollars into their home without seeing a return!  So let me introduce to you 6 Things Worth Upgrading Before Selling Your Home!

  1. Curb appeal

The very first picture that buyers will see of your home is the front of your house.  Curb appeal is so important because if the buyer doesn’t like what they see in that very first photograph, they will most likely move onto the next home before they even check out the interior! This tip can be inexpensive by painting your garage and front door, taking some time to clean up your lawn, add some greenery and potted plants and make your front walkway inviting! It will go a long way!

  1. Kitchen

Families spend a majority of their time in the kitchen, so this space is very important to buyers!  Upgrading your kitchen can be a large expense, but it doesn’t have to be if you do your research.  Adding stainless steel appliances or a new backsplash can make a major cosmetic difference!

  1. Bathrooms

It is important to keep the entire home clean during the selling process, but the bathrooms are especially important during this time and a dirty bathroom can be a red flag to buyers!  Just like kitchens, bathrooms can also be expensive upgrades, but completely gutting the space may not be necessary! A new mirror, some fresh towels and perhaps a new faucet/sink may do the trick!

  1. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom can be seen as a retreat to the new buyers so by having the bed decorated with fresh sheets and throw pillows you can create the illusion of a hotel stay!

5. Paint & Declutter

Often times, buyers have a hard time looking past how you have the home painted and decorated.  They aren’t able to envision their furniture in the home or look past the dated wall color!  So apply a neutral color to the wall and declutter as much as possible, this includes removing all personal items such as family photos!

  1. Have Everything In Good Working Order

When you do sell your home, more often than not there will be a clause in the agreement that all appliances, fixtures, air conditioning etc. needs to be in good working order when the new homeowner move in.  It’s a great idea to get ahead of the eight ball and ensure everything in the home has had a recent maintenance or inspection check!  This could save you a lot of headaches down the road and increase the sale price as well!

Written By Jesse Chidwick
Sales Representative
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